Studio Equipment

Professional lighting stand and grip accessories for the still and video market, providing the best products to filmmakers, videographers and photographers.

Shop Display

Polestar, a quick-assemble shop fitting solution, offers comprehensive and complete range of accessories for shop display design. Ideal for shop and window display, sales promotion, showroom, exhibition and retail.

Dichroic Filter

Our optical filters and mirrors are renowned for its high preciseness and stability. Suitable for a wide range of application from stage lighting to industry.


大中華地區首屈一指的專業製造廠, 我們滿足您在舞台燈光, 夾具, 電源, 懸吊設備, 以及影視器材的需求


We incorporate diverse and successful business elements, including product design, manufacturing and quality control, outsourcing and integration, warehousing and logistics, to present a total solution for a wide variety of industries.